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Is It Antique, Vintage, Or Just Old Stuff?

What makes an item antique or vintage? What do those words even mean? Lots of people, from collectors to resellers, throw those words around to suit their needs. Use them often enough in the wrong way, and they don’t mean much when it comes to describing an item. Unfortunately, there isn’t any one solid definition of “antique” or “vintage.” It’s a matter of opinion and depends upon who you ask. Most people would say that an antique is an item at least 100 years old. That’s how I tend to use the word. So, if an item was manufactured in 1917 or before, you’ve got yourself an antique. There are exceptions to this, however. An item from the 1940s may be completely different from what’s used today, to the point where most modern folks would hardly recognize it — and it’s rare to find one in good condition. In my opinion, that would be a genuine antique. Conversely, as time marches on, 100-year-old items become more and more like modern items, and any