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Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

 It's that time of year... Christmas trees going up, pine garlands and bows on every light pole along South Main Street, lights strung on all the beautiful historical buildings... But wait a minute! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! We're used to retail stores putting out Christmas merchandise very early. Like August. Actually I think Walmart might already be displaying items for Valentine's Day. But for us small retailers, it's a struggle. We want to make sure we don't miss out on Halloween fun, autumn beauty, Thanksgiving gratitude. As far as I'm concerned, it's time for pumpkin pie and turkey. Cute little ceramic turkeys.  But our town, Springboro, Ohio, has Christmas in Springboro -- a huge street festival that takes place on South Main Street the weekend before Thanksgiving. That's right. Before Thanksgiving. And we're happy to be right in the middle of it. If you're in town, you can find us right beside all the kids' rides on the no