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Old-Fashioned Wisdom: Go Ahead, Ask a "Dumb Question"

And now for something different, because this blog isn’t just for bragging about our travel. We don’t travel a lot, anyway. We are busy people and most of our money goes back into the shop (or to finance kids in college). I’ve only been on an airplane once (twice, counting the return trip). I’ve only been out of the country for a few hours, during a brief sightseeing afternoon in Niagara Falls’ Canadian side (It’s much nicer, by the way). So, if I decided to take a trip on an airplane, I’d be nervous. Flying scares a lot of people, but also I’d be afraid of the whole process of checking bags, checking myself in, going through security, boarding. When we took our one trip by plane, I had no idea they passed out cookies and drinks and earbuds for a two-hour flight. I still don’t know how to check and pick up suitcases because the Disney people did it all. Some people are fearless — others shy away from new experiences, and sometimes this is because they don’t wa