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When It’s Better to Pay More

I’ve been ordering groceries from Kroger’s Click List so I wouldn’t have to go in (because of coronavirus concerns), but that requires scheduling a few days in advance. Today’s earliest time slot was 4/23 evening. Not bad, really. But I miss being able to go buy whatever I want for dinner. I rarely do that, but I could. But the other day I went shopping at Dorothy Lane Market (upscale grocery) and it was lovely. Totally stocked, not crowded, sparkling clean. Things cost more there, though. Meat prices are crazy. But I kinda want to go shop there next time I need groceries. The produce is gorgeous. They have a “healthy living” department that smells So Good. Great selection of wine and beer... on and on.  Do I want to pay the extra money for that experience? I am rather frugal, so before I’d never go there for anything besides their salad bar and soup for lunch.  Well, I started thinking about the “race to the bottom” concept. It’s taken over our culture. We want everything che